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Beach Bike Stunt Riding

By : Games Castle

Action-filled stunt racing adventure for the lovers of beach motorbike stunts. Become a bike stunt rider on beach. Beach fun racing stunt with bike on tricky paths with the twist of extreme wild stunt bike racing game 3d. Get ready to show off daredevil stunt skills and want to taste of spine-tingling adventure to become a master bike stunt? Perform some dangerous stunts on huge city beach. Motorbike stunt racing adventure has been just started on beach, you need to become a bike stunt rider. In Beach bike fun racing get a bulk of thrill and exhilaration in the world of stunt. The wild stunt ride is about to begin with Beach Bike Stunt Riding! Real stunt racing fun on sea beach like beach motorbike stunt master.

Choose your dirt motocross bike to perform some craziest tricks in stunt racing adventure. As a beach bike rider you need to climb high ramps with fast stunt racing and the extreme turbo moto bike tricks. Huge jumps on bumpy paths with extreme stunts in this brilliant simulator extreme stunt moto bike racing. Start your sports bike and start stunts as adventure beach rider and become the master of the tricks. Ride your stunt bike with amazingly insane speed on slippery and tricky paths. This package is one of the best moto beach bike high speed stunt and beach bike rider simulator games of 2017.

Beach motorbike stunt rider is a real physics based stunt bike game. It’s time to become a great racing bike stuntman and showoff your racer style with motorcycle beach racing. Bike stunt with lots of racing adventure on tricky stunt paths are waiting your as you are bike stunt rider of the beach. Drive your heavy bike carefully because road is filled with sharp turns, obstacles and epic loops and bumpy tracks.

Features of Beach Stunt Rider:

• Dangerous tricky tracks for ultimate beach stunt adventure.
• Thrilling stunts, challenging obstacles and insane jumping.
• Multiple, beach motorcycles, dirt motocross and motorbikes to choose.
• Crazy stunt challenges in beach bike games.
• Combination of Ramps, hoops, loops & bizarre obstacles.

Folks! Race through tricky tracks on the steep paths and prove that you are master in the stunt world by completing the whole hurdle course. Extreme stunt racing game is here, pick up your android device start riding your bike. Sharp turns, obstacles, bumps, epic loops and stunt ramps. Beach Bike Stunt Riding and start epic beach stunt racing adventure.

ATV Bike Racing Dino Adventure

By : Games Castle

ATV Bike Racing Dino Adventure is one of the best adventurous actions packed bike racing game. Dinosaurs are chasing and running behind your bike to make you prey. Dino adventure ATV Quad Bike Racing is wonderful 3D simulation thrill t rex bike racing game. Ride bike in the most amazing real 3d simulation racing action. Test your driving experience with super-fast quad bike ride on exciting off-road experience with huge dino world. It is very dangerous when you are riding your bike in Jurassic jungle and dino is rushing behind you to attack. So experience best bike sim with fast bike riding game in ATV Bike Racing Dino Adventure. The quad bike racing in world of dino.

Experience the thrill of fast bike racing in world of dinosaurs and T-Rex. Run for your life in jurassic dino land with fast bike racing. Be an extreme racer and also prove your skills as fast competitive off road rider. Ready to drive quad bike on specially designed dangerous offroads. This bike racing Free is an action packed dinosaur bike racing adventure 3D simulator game for the lovers who wants ride bike among the huge dinosaurs and t rex. Drive your atv quad on curvy paths of deadly forest with this jungle dinosaur world adventure 3d bike stunt in jungle 2017.

Ready to ride atv bike on beautiful and dangerous tracks, excellent off road bike racing is an exciting, action packed jungle dino adventure racing stunt ride simulator. Dinosaurs are walking in the vast jungle and might run after you so race for life on your atv quad bike. Ride through lovely offroads among the perilous dinosaurs and tyrannosaurs t-rex. As an atv rider and racer you need to follow the checkpoints and avoid obstacles and sudden attack and chase of dino. Different prehistoric monsters like, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus or Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex are chasing you.

Features of Bike Racing Jurassic Adventure:

Experience the racing simulation adventure in dino jungle world.
Dangerous and thrill jungle environment.
Various fastest sports ATV quad bikes to unlock.
Realistic bike riding physics in latest racing dino adventure game.
Smooth and realistic bike handling with real 3D graphics.

It’s time to become a best atv bike racer and playing such a type of new generation bike riding game. We welcome you in the world of dinosaurs and t-rex for thrill drive of bike. In bike race game simulator you become a legend of the off-road tracks and prepare for the classic quad bike racing missions. Download ATV Bike Racing Dino Adventure and get ultimate ride in world of dinosaurs.
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Kids School Bus Driver: SF

By : Games Castle

Let’s have some crazy fun and drive a big yellow kid’s school bus on San-Francisco offroads hill climbing Paths. 3D city school bus driver simulator for kids is all about drive along some crazy offroad steep tracks while making sure the kids get to and from school safely. In School bus games to pick kids up and to go to school and real traffic as a school bus driver you need to practice everything like parking, reversing and school bus driving on city roads and offroad. The kids are waiting for their favorite school coach bus driver to transport them to school on time. Off road school bus games were never been so amazing. You are not supposed to have a special driving test or license to drive the heavy school bus all around the wonderful San Francisco city. Play the latest school bus driving game of 2017 with the twist of school bus games of children's. Time to download Kids School Bus driver: San Francisco off roads.

Variety of city school buses of waiting for some crazy bus driving in hilly off roads. So school bus driver! Get ready to control the children’s school coach bus, preform maneuvers and try not to hit other vehicle or anyone. Use you controls to stay clear of dangers on the hill climbing roads. Get your bus driver license and drive real time kids school vehicle in school bus games to pick kids up and to go to school. Follow all of the traffic signals, stop when traffic lights are red and avoid hitting other cars and trucks on the road.

So let’s drive to experience the School Bus driving simulation and experience unlimited hill bus driving adventure in off road school bus games. Play your favorite school bus driving games with a highway to drive on and with no time free drive. The school bus driver game has super smooth controls, realistic vehicle physics and challenging parking and driving simulation missions. Play now Kids School Bus Driver: SF the ultimate kids driving game.

Features, Game-play of School Bus Driver Game of 2017:

- Real time school bus driving on off road steep paths.
- Adrenaline-filled school driving 3d with real mountain world.
- Awesome school bus games to pick kids up and to go to school activities.
- Realistic children school bus driver game for the lovers of 3d offroad driving.
- Offroad slippery paths with real suburbs city traffic.
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Offroad Coach Bus Hill Driver

By : Games Castle

Enjoy the off road adventure of Tourist Bus Coach Driving Simulator. Travel your tour bus through the hills and dangerous steep paths and curves to reach the uphill destination and also show your coach bus driving abilities. Ever dreamed to drive a bus among the mountains with bus simulator of 2017? Become an ultimate hill driver with offroad coach bus driving 3d simulator. Play as a mountain bus driver of hill climbing roads to reach at required location in given time. Drive your offroad bus in multiple weather and day night scenarios. This offroad coach bus driving simulator game is special designed for the fun driving lovers. Bus games for kids were never been so amazing. Enjoy the madness of hill driving with your furious bus on hill climbing areas. Specially designed free offroad driving game for the lovers of precision driving games and hill climb simulator. Get ready for the latest mountain drive with Offroad Coach Bus Hill Driver simulator with real Offroad coach driving features.

✦✦✦ Game-Play of Offroad Vehicle Driving Game ✦✦✦

You have multiple hill coach driving tasks on beautiful landscapes and mountain places. Picks up kids on your tourist bus and transport them to the zoo. Exciting bus driving game for kids with incredible vehicles to drive in uphill paths. Buckle up again for some different adventurous driving and this time pick the factory workers up and start night driving! take them back to the home after busy day. Offroad bus driving with real-time engine sounds and physics. Become a precision driver with uphill coach driving, sharp twists and turns! day and night scenes will add more interests in your driving passion.

Driving a bus on offroad hilly ways is never an easy job. Steep and slippery paths, mountain up down ways in multiple day and night conditions. Tourists and kids are waiting this exciting pick and drop service. Get ready for fast off-road hill driving in this 3d coach bus driver simulator with up and downhill adventures. Extreme offroad coach bus is a kids and tourist transport simulator based on hill driving adventure. You may drive your coach bus inside the city traffic but moving road traffic is a hurdle for the coach driver.

✪✪✪ Features ✪✪✪

✦ Multiple Vehicles available for ultimate hill driving.
✦ Pick and drop tourists and kids on zoo park, factory and hill stations.
✦ Explore the vast off road environment with the twist of city traffic driving.
✦ Amazing 3D graphics of twist and curvy offroad uphill tracks.
✦ Realistic scenarios of day and night cycle.

Get ready for offroad hill driver in this top new free 3d coach bus simulator game with city driving and hill climber adventure. Download now Offroad Coach Bus Hill Driver with various tourists pick and drop missions.
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Representative Makes Stranger Things Meme To Explain Trump

By : Games Castle
He printed it out, call it #Trump Things, used that #Stranger Things font and everything!
 By Alex Firer 
This representative is not wrong. Things aren't normal right now between all the Donald Trump chaos and whatnot, and the only way it seems we can truly express this State Representative's pained plea of that fact is when he does so by comparing today's era to the Netflix TV Show "Stranger Things".
Yes it is true, it is like we are in the Upside Down both when demigorgons attack us and when the president does stuff like obviously collude with Russian forces to undermine American democracy. And no, the sheriff from Stranger Thingswon't save us — mainly because he is not a real person and also, that's just not his jurisdiction. I love this representative's passion, and his use of prestige streaming service drama to get us to pay attention to things that are important!
It's like how when Woodward and Bernstein used Hanna Barbera's Secret Squirrel to take down Richard Nixon, a think that never happened, but I like to pretend did.

Donald Trump: 'We will build Mexico border wall'

By : Games Castle

#Donald #Trump: 'We will build #Mexico #border #wall'

Courtesy By #BBC #News
Donald Trump
Donald Trump has said a "big day" is planned on national security, including an announcement to build a wall on the border between the US and Mexico.
The new US president is expected to sign several executive orders regarding immigration and border security over the next few days.
They are likely to include the "extreme vetting" of people coming from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa.
This would restrict refugee access.
Mr Trump tweeted: "Big day planned on national security tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!"

Bike Racing Sim: Dino World

By : Games Castle

Welcome to the world of dinosaur with the twist of bike racing games 3d 2016. Explore the vast offroad landscape with upgraded offroad super bikes and police bike. Your bike racing simulator will take you to the dino world in motorcycle racing games. Evade hurdles and complete all missions as an expert offroad bike racer with crazy offroad adventurers in motorcycle racing games. With the open world offroad environment simulation like Motorbike racing Simulator games 3D with the blend of dino world games. Ride the fastest bikes with this bike racing games, race your super offroad bike and become the fastest biker on the road in dino games with bike racing games 3d 2016. You as a bike rider have realistic moves while you drive the offroad bike with real driving physics in bike racing games and motorcycle racing games. Turn on the super bike’s ignition, race the bike throttle and push the limits of your bike to its end and be the epic bike racer in BIKE RACING SIM: DINO WORLD!
In this offroad bike games you will feel realistic bike racing. Ride your heavy bike on dangerous hilly roads and treacherous terrains which are unseen in other ordinary bike racing simulator or bike racing games 2016. Huge dino world games environment will feel you realistic bike riding. As a bike racer ride your bike with incredible speeds, dodging the offroad dino around you and flying off the top of big mountains. You will surely like powerful motocross motorbikes in dino world games and motorcycle racing games. Watch out huge sized dinosaurs and tyrannosaur rex around you with bike racing games 3d 2016. Are you ready to play and race fast paced 3D Bike Racing games with dino world games? Use your offroad motocross bike and police bike to jump over the challenging offroad hill climb mountain with your bike racing simulator.
Features of Motocross Bike Racing game:
- Ultimate real life bike racing games 2016 experience.
- Smooth and realistic bike handling with vast dino world twist.
- Realistic offroad bike racing simulator with multiple camera angles.
- Realistic bike riding physics in latest motorcycle racing games.
- Drive and ride your offroad bike between tyrannosaur rex and dinosaurs.

Experience the thrill and excitement of a motocross rider in this offroad bike racing simulation. Download BIKE RACING SIM: DINO WORLD and enter into the world of dinosaurs

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